Monday, April 13, 2015

Summer Art Classes

2016 sUmmer aRt classEs
6 weeks for 1.5hrs every Wednesday

who: I am Carrie Frampton and I will be your teacher. I love making art and I want to share what I know with you and your kids. I have my degree from Brigham Young University in Art Education and have worked at the Springville Museum of Art in the education department. I make all types of art however, my favorite medium is printmaking. 

what: We will learn about processes, artists, ideas, and more. These classes are designed to help kids develop their skills in art, but also help them develop their OWN ideas about art. Because I value what the students want to learn, a lot of my curriculum will be based upon what students want to learn.  

where: Carrie Frampton Residence

when: June 1st is the first day of class. Class will be held once a week, every Wednesday for 6 weeks.(NO CLASS the week of the 4th of July. The last class will be held on July 13, subject to change.) There will be two classes held this summer based upon age.(Note: If there is not a minimum of 4 kids in each class, the classes will be combine and meet at the earlier time.)
           Class 1: Wednesdays 12-1:30pm (ages 5-8yrs)
           Class 2: Wednesdays 2:00-3:30pm (ages 9 and up)

 Class Fee: $110 including supplies
  Private Lesson Fee: $30/hour (please inquire for scheduling)
  Semi-Private Lesson Fee: $40

To sign up: 

1.Email me which class you want and number of children.

2.I accept payment through paypal or cash. Fees must be paid 2 weeks before class starts to guarantee your spot.

Thanks and hope to see you this summer!

Here are a few pics from last summer's art classes.


Back to Painting Processes

Paintings can be amazing. However, I find it even more interesting in  how paintings develop. Art is not always about the final piece. I enjoy the process, because this is where I find myself growing because I am taking chances. Things don't always work and thats okay. My mistakes are usually my favorite parts of my paintings.

Horses For Leni, Watercolor and Oil on Paper


My Favorite and Unfavorite Ceramics Pieces


Portrait of Chase